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Michael H

A Message from Michael H

Through my journey with some amazing people, I've come to see that we need to love humanity and move ourselves in a positive forward direction by helping one another to achieve the goal of peace, understanding and love throughout the world. We are all we have, embrace humanity.

What I Do

I am Co-Founder of HTH Coin and Director of our fully registered 501(c)(3), Help The Homeless Worldwide A NJ Nonprofit Corporation. As Co-Founder of HTH Coin, I oversee the development and public relations of HTH Coin. As Director of HTH Worldwide, I oversee operations of HTH Worldwide A NJ Nonprofit Corporation.

HTH World

Help The Homeless Worldwide is a nonprofit corporation based in Barnegat, New Jersey. Help The Homeless Worldwide incorporates blockchain technology in the aid to help the homeless population around the globe. Help The Homeless Worldwide wants to give back to our community, and help those in need to thrive in life regardless of their story, and give everyone a fair chance in life. With this core belief, Help The Homeless Worldwide will free more resources to make a larger impact on solving the homeless problem. We fully believe that we can change the world. Please join us on our journey!

HTH Worldwide
homelessness homeless nonprofit 501c3

Help The Homeless Coin is a cryptocurrency which aims to be a source of funding for the homeless as well as organizations. The HTH Founders recognize the crisis surrounding homelessness and will use the HTH blockchain technology to Help The Homeless. HTH Coin is a Masternode cryptocurrency where Masternode Holders can vote on HTH Proposals as well as gain a passive income. HTH Coin will forever and always be a Miner's Coin and currently using the x25x algorithm. HTH Coin is currently trading on cryptocurrency exchanges. Please visit the HTH Coin website to learn how you can get involved!

HTH Coin
homeless cryptocurrency

My Projects

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Help The Homeless Worldwide
900 Barnegat Blvd N
Unit 2406
Barnegat, New Jersey 08005